Walking / cycling through Westland (NL) – While I’m writing this blog – the last one of the series ‘Colours’, it snows in the Netherlands… So white makes me think of snow, but also of purity, sterile, punctual. Of marriage, virginity, humility, but also of … Christmas – white lights, the moon and the stars, peace (white flag)!

Light is awe-inspiring … Through a prisma light splits in many colours: the rainbow – world wide visible for human eye; some ingredients: light, water, your position. Other occurence: day break, sunrise – a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to stand up very early to start a long walk (> 15 km) before sunrise, together with a friend. Walking under an almost cloudless sky we again got impressed and came in awe during sunrise, which lasts an extra long time(!) in December. Further more: light pushes away darkness. Light makes the invisible visible.

Light brings life. In plants and algae light starts the production of sugars and oxigen, photosynthesis. To have enough oxigen available is essential. Our planet earth has need of enough km2 ‘lungs’ to produce enough oxigen, day by day. At human beings (UV-) light influences the quantity of produced vitamin D. Light warms up the earth, the soil with all her essential(!) soil life. Non-visible life, but very important / essential to maintaining a sustainable food chain.

For many people this time of the year, the middle of December, is a time to evaluate and look forward. When I look back I am grateful for health, in our family, and I come in awe because of many subjects – visible, like nature, technique, but also invisible subjects like relations, growth, development of communication. Recently I was introduced to a new song, a song about ‘Million Mirracles’ – I think the lyrics are great, so I share them!

“… We’re surrounded by a million miracles

All around us, living proof

We’re all here because a million miracles

Came together to make it true …”

Lyrics: part of the song ‘Million Miracles’, by Brian Doerksen

2018 is coming closer. A new year with new possibilities. To do (new?) things, pick up responsibilities (again) as good stewards. And don’t forget to relax and enjoy!

White. In awe … Look wonderly. Do you … once and a while?

Note: thanks to the initiator of www.color-meanings.com, for sharing!

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