Yellow – Learn :-)

Walking / cycling through Westland (NL) – Yellow. Thé colour many people associate to summer. To happiness, fun and to optimism, hope and … LEARNING! But also to danger, jealousy, deceit, dishonesty, cowardice, betrayal, disease … And to imagination, philosophy, idealism.

Today I focus on curiousity, finding new ways of doing things. How do you do that? Many different ways. I believe throughout the years we develop our own way of doing this, a way that feels comfortable. We look at examples on internet, in newsletters and literature. We visit fairs and shows, seminars, conferences and congresses, network meetings. Requirement to learn: an open attitude, an open heart.

Curiousity. To learn … What way should I think and develop myself? My team? How to find out? Our region, our country, our continent, the world – how does it look like in 10 – 20 years? Is my heart open? A bank, active in the area I live ànd the sector I contribute almost daily, organized a meeting for her members. An inspiring program in an inspiring location (World Horti Center) – again an inspiring contribution … a futurist! (Note: last year we had and astonaut … ‘our’ André Kuipers – also a triggering meeting!).

The question: what skills do we need at the moment to build the future? The assignment: discover your passion! From there: develop curiosity, your imagination, will-power, and find ways to create new ideas. Dream …

Huh? Dream …? If you can – and dare(!) What is my attitude in life so far? Adventurous? Or a (developing) attitude of seeking insurance? Do I have a learning attitude? Maybe it is a good idea to ask some people in your network…?! What do I tell childeren about this – in words? In acts? How do I define ‘an adventurous attitude’ anyway?

Yellow. Turning towards a – far more(!) – attitude of learning. Are you with us?

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