We tutor and coach secondary vocational students in English: practical-theoretical lectures combined with fieldtrips in Horticulture and Gardening & Landscaping: several topics in the horticultural chain as well as landscaping and city greening.

Examples: plant physiology, soil science, business management, gathering work based experience, roof gardening, vertical gardening.

VanG tutors

Do you want good education on producing vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants as sustainable as possible? VanG delivers the specific information and is able to teach ‘learning by doing’ style. We tutor and coach students tailor made.

Passion for ‘Green’

We tutor and coach international students with passion for ‘Green’. We supply series of practical lectures in:

  • Horticulture
  • Gardening and
  • City greening

Uncover capacitance

By combining our knowledge and many years of experience the practical lectures connect to (international) students life. We connect to students from different cultures (e.g. China, South Korea, North and Central America) – they develop and uncover their own capacitance step by step.

Team leader

We organize courses, based on your situation and aim(s). The courses connect to your needs, culture and other national / international criteria (if needed).

This post is also available in: Dutch