Vision and Mission

Contribute to optimal efficiency of our costumers, that is what we stand for. VanG has focus to development – of people and work processes. We believe in the power of the individual within healthy (work-) relations in a social responsible environment – every human being is unique, is able to develop and in that way has potential to contribute.

From our broad knowledge and experience, largely built up in international horticulture and education, we collaborate and cooperate with partners in education, research, water and electrical engineering. We offer practical solutions to individuals, companies and organisations – solutions to develop (potential) human recources and work processes. Accompaniment / coaching, teaching, advising and supporting, courses and training and interactive taylor made meetings for individuals and groups.

Develop around sustainability – Inspired by e.g.:

  • Greenport West-Holland
  • Awesome nature:

“… We’re surrounded by a million miracles

All around us living proof

We’re all here because a million miracles

Came together to make it true …”.

(Part of the song ‘Million Miracles’, by Brian Doerksen).

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