Passion for green

‘The apple falls close to the tree’ (a Dutch phrase, expression): as son of a growers couple I developed passion for green. This is traceable in my work experience. It started by working in and around the greenhouse of my parents. After that I worked for 10 years in production and distribution of young plants for professional growers worldwide. Then I worked as consultant-trainer being an advisor on selecting, starting to set up and implementing quality systems and quality marks in horticulture. Since a few years I teach and guide people on topics in Horticulture and ‘Greening the city’.


At a cooperative company of horticultural supplies, as member of the management team, We went through 2 merger processes. As a project leader I organized many official meetings: actual news on crop protection was shared by e.g. product managers,  specialists, researchers – participants updated their (Dutch) license crop protection.

Education and coaching

We are in awe about life, about nature. We care about the environment. With a lot of passion and enthusiasm I apply my knowledge and experience to coach and to teach others – group wise or one to one. We prefer cooperation with companies, schools and other stakeholders.

We believe

We believe in the ‘passion and capacitance’ of people. We are passionate about Human Beings and the Green Sector. Using our wide experience, we enjoy guiding and coaching people, individual or in groups, in the Green Sector.

We believe in ‘being able to’. Day by day we are in awe about the abilities of human beings – we all have great capacitance! In individual setting, in team setting.

We believe in ‘uncover it’. There is a lot to uncover. What do you hope to uncover? What are your latent qualities? What do you want to cultivate?

We believe in ‘making mistakes is O.K..’. Learning by doing. Without ‘doing’ knowledge will not develop.

“We’re surrounded by a million miracles
All around us living proof.
We’re all here because a million miracles
Came together to make it true…”

Part of the song ‘Million Miracles’, by Brian Doerksen

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