Entries by Arjen van Geest

Green – Renewal, Together – Hope!

Walking / cycling through Westland (NL) – People’s first associations to green are ‘start signal’ and of course nature, environment, harmony and …. health. Adversely green connects to jealousy, envy, misfortune. And also to youth, good luck, spring, fertility and – that makes me happy – vigor, renewal and … Christmas, hope! Today I like to […]

Yellow – Learn :-)

Walking / cycling through Westland (NL) – Yellow. Thé colour many people associate to summer. To happiness, fun and to optimism, hope and … LEARNING! But also to danger, jealousy, deceit, dishonesty, cowardice, betrayal, disease … And to imagination, philosophy, idealism. Today I focus on curiousity, finding new ways of doing things. How do you do […]

Purple – Think and Act like a Modern King!

Walking / cycling through Westland (NL) – Purple connects me to royalty, nobility, authority and respect; ambitious and confident. But also to lament, mourning and spirituality. Purple is an intense colour and combines the stability and integrity of the color blue and the energy and power of the color red. Purple and violet are often […]

Just Start

Three years ago, just started to prepare the start-up of a company which would later be named ‘VanG’, something occured to me that one doesn’t want: playing soccer with my son, my ankle bracelets. An accident, o yeah. Accidents never come at a right time!