Walking / cycling through Westland (NL) – On the northern hemisphere it is autumn at the moment … In the woods you see many types of orange … ‘Indian summer’! As a Dutchman ‘orange’ immediately makes me think of … our King and Queen and – of coarse – supporters!

In common the colour orange connects to vitamins, vitality but also to enthousiasm, animation, inspiration, excitement (suggestion: try to find the original meaning of enthusiasm!). ‘Orange’ can give emotional power in hard times – times of disappointment, desperation and grief…

Today ‘orange’ connects me to vitality – physical (vitamins) as well as spiritual (enthusiasm). Healthy food – vegetables and fruits … hard fruits, soft fruits, greens, roots and turnips. But also fantastic flowers and plants – in the environments you live and work, in town or outside of the city / metropole. I think of products produced as sustainable as possible … local for local – a challenge that needs people with deep passion and enthousiasm!

In agriculture you can find passionate companies that work day by day, step by step, to make it possible to produce worldwide ‘local for local’ food, flowers and plants. It is a privilege to cooperate international with f.e. enterprises and educational organizations. Contribute to fulfill this mission. Together, international, projectwise, step by step developing sustainable ways to live.

This process needs passionated people, each working from their own(!) shape and talent. Keywords: cooperation, clear communication, integrity and … out of passsion: perseverance, enthusiasm!

Orange. Original(!) vitamins. Developing enthusiastic together… Long life learning! Is your heart open?

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