Three years ago, just started to prepare the start-up of a company which would later be named ‘VanG’, something occured to me that one doesn’t want: playing soccer with my son, I cracked my ankle bracelets. An accident, o yeah… . Accidents never come at a right time!

Bad luck that made me aware of setting my priorities right. A few months earlier deep in my heart I received the conviction to start as an entrepreneur. How did I get inspired? By walking. Or cycling … Well, no walking or cycling at that moment…! Bad luck forced me to develop more flexibility (more flexibel than I was?! Sure!!) and it stimulated me to improvise.

With expert accompaniment and discipline I recovered more fast than I expected. During this time I discovered the importance of values, standards and skills I developed during my life and career. Besides being flexibel the ability to improvise a few other skills appeared to be important in the process of ‘just’ starting: know who you are, know your qualities (as well as your pitfalls!), organise yourself on these properties, build (or increase) your network of reliable relations. And, finally: have confidence. In your own abilities and in the power of a (your!) network.

Oh, yes, don’t forget: “If you don’t make mistakes, you most of all produce nothing”. This ‘flagstone quote’ was on the workbench in the (horticultural) business establishment of my parents and grand parents. A lesson I learned early in my life – to them I say thank you forever (and well, the blue thumbs because of the failures … its all-in the game)!

To get inspired… and stay inspired. (Develop) creativity … How…? I’m inspired by colors! The next blogs are inspired by colors.

To get inspired and stay inspired – I walk (or cycle) … and you? Find a way that suites you. Start – as an entrepreneur, in a new job, as a volunteer, … . Just start!

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