Walking / cycling through Westland (NL) – Red connects me to passion, energy and power, fire, politics, Christmas, Valentine’s Day. Red makes me also think of ‘stop: danger!’ And of blood …

Today, to me, ‘red’ means love, grace (and mercy), thank you, attention… Example: although it is not Mother’s Day – tell her and those-who-want(ed)-to-be-a-mother-but-it-didn’t-happen-(yet) with beautiful flowers. Confirm your relation!

Red is a warm and positive color that is associated with physical needs. But also to our will to survive, pioneer spirit, being stimulated to action. In person I associate ‘red’ to a spiritual need: relations. Usually a relation does not start and grow by accident. A relation needs care: attention, energy. Relations with your spouse / partner, children and other family members. With leaders and teachers. With pets / animals and possibly even with plants, nature, ecosystems.

Personally I observe lack of attention to ending (a) relation(s) – I started learning this when I was young – thank you, parents! Learning by doing – I learned by making mistakes. By applying my experiences I ‘harvest’ for several decades already … Long life learning!

In my opinion it’s time for more attention for ‘red’: relations – building, maintenance, ending… Relations in all kind of areas, f.e. human-beings, animals, plants, water and air – to ecosystems and communities! In most cases it is better to focus within every area – that’s not easy(!), but it brings clearance. Allocating attention in urgent areas is an art, in personal atmosphere as well as ‘online’. It’s like puzzling over!

Red. Allocating attention. Acting peacefully, chasing conciliation. Are you with us?

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