Purple – Think and Act like a Modern King!

Walking / cycling through Westland (NL) – Purple connects me to royalty, nobility, authority and respect; ambitious and confident. But also to lament, mourning and spirituality.

Purple is an intense colour and combines the stability and integrity of the color blue and the energy and power of the color red. Purple and violet are often interchanged. Violet is the smallest vibration of the spectrum, visible for human eye; violet associates to sensible and vulnerable. Violet also connects us to all different types of pollution in the world of today: air pollution, noise pollution, visual pollution and contamination of our foodchain.

Where is your focus? To mourn, to lament – these verbs are functional(!). Illness, to pass away, feeling incapable or helpless by unexplainable behaviour of human beings. Or you get in a situation where you or a loved one can hardly influence what happens next … An occurence that surprises you completely – it’s like being turned off for a short(er) or longer while … thinking ‘Now what …?’. The feelings that go with this are allowed, of course. But do you let yourself lead by these kinds of feelings, or do you let them be there (for a while) and then stand up again?

In my opinion it’s time for more focus on ‘purple’ – take authority in your situation in a healthy, sustainable way – in person, local, regional, national, continental(!) and worldwide(!). Purple and violet also associate to future, imagination, dreams, take the lead. Do you think sustainable, related to yourself? Thinking and acting sustainable is not a far-away-show … Know your qualities*), your character. Do you know who you are – seen from local, regional, national, continental or worldwide point of view?

Every day we – me and my spouse – get up to contribute to our mission: support people getting in their element, by sharing information that is connected to personal and worldwide questions. Some examples of questions of customers: how to find my next step during study (international Horticulture!)? After finishing my period of full-time study? What role suites me? How can I contribute to issues like Earth, Nutrition, Stability and Waste?

Purple. Take authority in a healthy, sustainable way. Act like a King: with respect and authority. Are you in?

*) Don’t you know your own qualities (good enough)? Start searching – there’s a big chance you’ll discover (some) latent qualities. Whaauuw…!! How to do this? Need help? Give me a message – a few persons in my network are willing to help you (and me)!

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