VanG supports and leads, based on more than 30 years of national and international experience (Horticultural supply chain, Logistics, Retail), managing projects, managing teams for customer-oriented producing, teaching and (job-)coaching.

We also have experience in advising, guiding and training of entrepreneurs and employees in practical quality systems. With pleasure we have contributed to – and were allowed to develop within – professionally run Dutch companies in horticultural supplies and pumping technology. In addition, teacher-in-training experience was gained in processes within Dutch primary education.

We provide inspiring, adequate control of production and management processes for companies and organisations, so that optimal well-managed deliveries can (continue to) take place. We customize in providing people, materials and resources. Are you looking for motivating interim leadership, management, monitoring of your project, business or organization? Please contact us for a conversation without obligation… tailor-made, of course. ‘Let down the ‘Vang’ (hand brake)!’ – make room for evaluation, maintenance and planning. Contact us for more information!

The basis for optimal quality consists of experience in management, production and cultivation techniques with regard to:

– Providing support and service to sales teams, product managers and customers (including crop protection, ICT-supported registration, data processing and reporting of (path-) registration systems, planning systems etc., compliance with laws and regulations, various quality marks (Horticoop, 9 years)

– Producing as environmentally friendly as possible and delivering batches of uniform starting material for professional growers (e.g. chrysanthemum, pot chrysanthemum, Impatiens, New Guinea, kalanchoe, petunia cuttings) (Fides, 10 years)

– Producing as sustainable as possible vegetables and ornamentals for wholesaler and specialist (including tomato, pepper, cucumber, chrysanthemums, carnations, spray carnations, gypsophila, freesia) (parental company and internships in the Netherlands and Canada, internships for over 10 years).

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